Notes before making a purchase

  • You must also read and agree to the “Important information” and Terms of Use that are found on the website.
  • This is a mobile internet connection service provided by Yokoso-SIM corporation.
  • This service does not support circuit switching services (telephone calls and short messages service etc.) or file sharing (P2P)
  • This service assigns a private IP address to your device
  • Please purchase the correct size SIM card for your device
  • This service supports the Xi, and FOMA networks operated in Japan by NTT DOCOMO.
  • LTE(Xi): Band 1 (2100MHz)/Band19(800 MHz)/ Band 21 (1500MHz)/ Band 3 (1800MHz, only same areas)
  • W-CDMA (FOMA): Band 1 (2100MHz) / Band 19 (800MHz)
  • The internet speed indicated for this service is the maximum value under ideal circumstances. It may vary according to connection status, communication equipment, network environment and other factors
  • You cannot use services provided exclusively by NTT Docomo, such as I-Mode.
  • If you have a non-NTT Docomo device and it is SIM locked, you need to unlock it first. You must also set the access point name (APN) on your device.
  • If you have an iPhone 5C, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you must install the APN profile from the following website beforehand via a wireless LAN or other internet connection
  • There are no refunds or returns for this package, and no refunds for refills.
  • You cannot suspend or cancel service while it is in use.

Important Information
The following is an explanation of the Service in accordance with the Telecommunications Business Act, Article 26 (Explanation of Service Conditions) Japan. The matters explained in this document are important, so please make sure that you understand them fully before subscribing to the Service.

Service name: Prepaid LTE SIM
Service provider: Yokoso SIM Co., Ltd
Service to be provided: Mobile internet connection service


Contact Number(English): 0120-688-260 (10:00-17:00(excluding Saturday, Sunday, national holiday, January 1st and 2nd and maintenance days designated by Yokoso-SIM))
Contact Number(Japanese): 0120-217-260 (10:00-17:00(excluding Saturday, Sunday, national holiday, January 1st and 2nd and maintenance days designated by Yokoso-SIM))
*Customer Support is available in English and Japanese.


Purpose of Use of Personal Information
Yokoso-SIM will use personal information in accordance with the Terms of Service for Prepaid LTE SIM, Article 44, to the extent necessary for execution, performance, and/or cancelation of contract, subscribers’ use of the Service, improvement and/or development of products and/or services, provision of product- or service-related information through email, direct mail, telephone, or in person, implementing surveys, and other activities ancillary to the foregoing. Yokoso SIM will disclose or provide personal information to service providers and other telecommunications businesses to the extent necessary for achieving such purpose of use.


Commencing Use of Prepaid LTE SIM
To use the Prepaid LTE SIM Service (“Service”), you must undertake the procedures for commencing use at a dedicated site. You must read and agree to the “Use Rules for Prepaid LTE SIM” before undertaking the procedures for commencing use. The Use Rules are available on the Prepaid LTE SIM website. You must undertake the procedures for commencing use within 14 days from the day you purchase the Prepaid LTE SIM (inclusive), or by the “activation deadline” indicated on the SIM Card holder, whichever is earlier. If you fail to complete the procedures for commencing by the deadline, all rights will be lost.


Terms of Agreement with Cellular Phone Company
In use of the Service, in order to receive wireless data transmission, pursuant to terms and conditions stipulated by the cellular phone company, an interconnection agreement shall be executed between you and the cellular phone company (you are not required to undertake any specific procedures). The current terms and conditions (Xi Service Agreement Terms) of the cellular phone company are available on the NTT Docomo website.

Prepaid LTE SIM Service

  • The Service is a mobile internet connection service using the “Xi®” and “FOMA®” networks provided in Japan by NTT Docomo, Inc. Circuit switching service (including call and short message services) is not available.
  • The communication speed specified for the Service is not an indication of the actual maximum communication speed, and the actual maximum communication speed may change or decrease because of connection conditions, the SIM Card or information communication equipment being used, network environment, or other reasons.
  • See the following page for coverage areas:
  • Even within coverage areas, the Service may not be available in places that are difficult for radio waves to reach, such as indoor or underground space, or in tunnels, or even outdoor areas where radio signals are weak.
  • You are not entitled to use services independently provided by NTT Docomo, Inc. (e.g., i-mode®).
  • Devices for the Service must be compatible with the “Xi®” and “FOMA®” networks provided by NTT Docomo, Inc. and have a specified wireless facilities technical standards compliance, etc. certification(giteki mark). For use of a non-NTT Docomo, SIM-locked terminal, the SIM lock needs to be removed. Additionally, an APN (Access Point Name) for the device needs to be set, or an APN settings file, etc. needs to be installed.
  • Please understand that, after purchase of this package, you will not be able return the product, get any refund of your purchase, or get a refund of any additional charge.

Restrictions on Use

  • In cases where natural disaster, accident or other emergency has occurred or is likely to occur, or in cases of severe congestion, Yokoso SIM may restrict communication time or use in specific areas.
  • If any one communication exceeds a certain time period or exceeds a certain volume, that communication may be restricted or disconnected.
  • In cases of transmission of a large volume of data such as video file attachment or download, or transmission of sequential data such as streaming or video replay, Yokoso SIM may temporarily restrict the communication speed.
  • File exchange (P2P) applications may not be used.
  • The Service will assign private IP addresses.
  • Use of private IP addresses may make certain applications unavailable.
  • Depending on the equipment being used, there may be cases of unintentional transmission.
  • Use restrictions may change after your application for the Service.
  • In addition, use of the Service may be restricted in accordance with the terms and conditions of the cellular phone company.

Basic Plans

  • You may use wireless data transmission in accordance with the basic plan you purchased. See the Schedule for details of the basic plans.
  • Each plan has its own data transmission allowance and period. See the Schedule for details. After the period ends, you may not continue using the Service even if you have not used your entire data transmission allowance.

Charge Option

  • In using the Service you may purchase a separate charge option, which will enable you to use, in addition to the data transfer volume available under the basic plan, the data transfer volume under the purchased charge option. See the Schedule for details of the charge option.
  • Each charge option has a set use period. See the Schedule for details. After the period ends, you may not continue using the Service even if you have not used your entire data transmission volume.
  • If you purchase more than one charge option, the charge option having the shortest available period will be used first.

                 Fees Etc.

  • As fees and other expenses for the Service (“Fees etc.”), the basic use fee (including universal service fees) etc. will be charged. If you use a charge or other additional function service you will be charged additional function service fees. At the end of the contract, you may be charged for SIM Card Damages. See the Schedule “Prepaid LTE SIM Fee Schedule” for details of the Fees etc.
  • Please understand that fees are subject to change for the reasons of retail outlets.

You may not temporarily discontinue the Service during the Service period.


The Service will not be available during maintenance of YOKOSO SIM facilities or when a failure occurs. Information on maintenance and failure will be provided on the website. Maintenance may be performed even during the day on weekdays.



  • The subscriber may not terminate the Service during the Service Period.
  • The Service will terminate if, after all available mobile data transfer volume is used, no additional charge option is purchased within 14 days of the chargeable period. After termination, all use rights will lose effect.

Conditions at time of Termination

  • After termination of the Service, you must return the SIM Card to Yokoso SIM at the designated address. If you fail to return the SIM Card by the date designated by YOKOSO SIM, or if the returned SIM Card is broken, cut or otherwise not in normal condition, you may be charged for SIM Card Damages.
  • The interconnection agreement executed between you and the cellular phone company in your reception of wireless data transmission service will terminate at the end of use of the Service (you are not required to undertake any specific procedures).