What is Yokoso SIM Card?

Yokoso SIM Card is a Pre-paid Data SIM card to be used in Japan only.

Who is the mobile network provider?

Yokoso SIM Cards are powered by NTT DoCoMo.

What is NTT DoCoMo?

NTT DoCoMo is Japan’s most established mobile carrier and is partly owned by the Japanese Government.

What SIM sizes are available from Yokoso SIM?

All SIM cards are Nano size. A SIM adapter is provided for your Micro SIM required devices.

What is the data allocated for the Yokoso SIM Card?

Yokoso SIM card gives you a total 3.5Gb of data at 4G/LTE network speed. Each day, you are allocated 500MB of data at 4G/LTE speed. Once this is exceeded, your network speed will be capped to 256kpbs and will resume to full 4G/LTE speed the following day.

If you exceed the 3.5Gb data, you will still be able to use our services but at a network capped speed of 256kpbs.

Does this mean “unlimited data?”


What is the 4G/LTE network speed?

Maximum theoritical speed for 4G/LTE mobile connection is 150Mpbs incoming and 50Mpbs outgoing.

How long can I use this card for in Japan?

15 Days from the day the card is activated.

Are there other data plans?

No. We only bring the Yokoso 15 Day SIM Card as it meets most traveller’s requirements.

What if I am there for more than 15 days?

We recommend getting two Yokoso SIM cards. You can use your first SIM card for the first 15 days and use the second one for the remaining days.

What is this expiration date printed at the back of the SIM Card?

The Yokoso SIM card needs to be used/activated before the expiration date printed at the back of the card. After this expiration date, the card can no longer be used and will be void.

How is the Yokoso SIM Card activated?

For android devices, you will need to enter the required APN (Access Point Name) settings. For Iphones, you will need to download the APN profile from http://jpmob.jp/i using Safari. Once you connect in Japan, the card automatically activates. Please refer to the SETUP page.

How do I know if my device is compatible?

It is not possible to guarantee that your device will work in Japan. The most important note is that your phone must support the following mobile frequencies of Japan. Secondly, the phone must be a “SIM Unlocked phone”. Please also contact your manufacturer to find out if your device’s hardware is compatible when used in Japan.

What are the frequencies used by NTT DoCoMo?

The service supports the Xi® and FOMA® networks operated by NTT DoCoMo.

     i.   LTE (Xi®) – Band 1(2100MHz); Band 19 (800MHz); Band 21 (1500MHz)

     ii.  W-CDMA (FOMA®) – Band 1 (2100MHz); Band 19 (800MHz)

Can I make normal telephone calls?

No. This is strictly a data only SIM Card.

How do I make calls with the Yokoso SIM card?

You can use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) apps. We recommend LINE as this app is developed and widely used in Japan.

What happens when I cannot connect to the internet after following the instructions?

There is a support number you can call in Japan. It is printed on the packaging.

Can I recharge the Yokoso SIM?

There is currently no recharge available for the Yokoso SI. We however may have this service in the near future.

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