Mobile WIFI devices can connect 5 - 10 devices at one time.


  • All smart phones and tablets can tether. Tethering allows multiple devices to share internet connection from a single device.


Freedom to move with Yokoso SIM

What is Yokoso SIM?

Yokoso SIM is brand by a Japanese MVNO. We operate in 9 countries throughout East Asia and South East Asia. Should you encounter the need for assistance, we have a helpline for you to call in Japan.

Why should I get a Yokoso SIM?

Best value for money to get connected in Japan plus being connected to the NTT DoCoMo Mobile Network. There are many “Travel SIMs” available in Japan but ours is the one that will most likely fit your needs and provides the best value for money. Don’t get caught suddenly running out of data credits because top-ups/reloads/recharge is expensive.

NTT DoCoMo…. what?

NTT DoCoMo is Japan’s most established mobile carrier operator. If you want the full experience in mobile connectivity and performance in Japan, only NTT DoCoMo can provide you this. With 1 in every 2 Japanese citizen using NTT DoCoMo, it clearly tells you why this is the preferred mobile network.

Why should I get a Prepaid SIM card prior to leaving for Japan?

You are able to get and stay connected upon arrival in Japan whether it be a day or night flight and this will help you to navigate around. You will be able to break the language barrier with the use of translation apps. Don’t waste your holiday time getting lost.

Why cannot I purchase a “Travel SIM” only when I arrive in Japan?

Sure you can. Besides Yokoso SIM giving you the best value for money to stay connected in Japan, you do not want to be using your holiday time looking for places that sells these “Mobile Prepaid Data SIM Cards”.  There are also a lot of different brands and plans and it can be slightly overwhelming. You may end up with a prepaid data plan that does not meet your needs and reloading/recharging or topping-up your data credits can be very expensive.

What are the advantages of using Yokoso SIM over a Mobile Hotspot Device?

Using a Yokoso SIM has many advantages over a Mobile Hotspot Device. Below table shows the pros and cons.

Mobile WIFI devices are best used in group.


  • Mobiles phones and tablets can tether, therefore these devices are like a mobile WIFI device.
  • When using Mobile WIFI devices, individuals are not able to move freely without loosing internet connection. They have to stay within a few meters of the device.
  • Our value for money Yokoso SIM allow groups to split, move freely and still be able to communicate with one another.